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First and foremost, Jim is a wood sculptor. One person, one life-time and everything in between.

There is always more than meets the eye, yet the end result is what culminates all our efforts put forth over time. There is the evolution of basic talent, then skill and finally the hours put in, along with a relationship to the natural world.

You hear people say 'it is a lost art'.  Who wants to put this kind of time in?

The wood sculpture has evolved into what you see here, something practical yet unusual in these times.  Old school! Interestingly, many young people see the value in how it's come together and are intrigued.  There is an impression made.

  • CarvingKwanYin
  • sculpture eight
  • sculpture five
  • sculpture four
  • sculpture nine
  • sculpture one
  • sculpture seven
  • sculpture three
  • sculpture two
  • SeahorseMerging
  • Sculpture 11
  • Sculpture 12
  • Sculpture 13
  • Sculpture 14
  • Sculpture 15
CarvingKwanYin1 sculpture eight2 sculpture five3 sculpture four4 sculpture nine5 sculpture one6 sculpture seven7 sculpture three8 sculpture two9 SeahorseMerging10 Sculpture 1111 Sculpture 1212 Sculpture 1313 Sculpture 1414 Sculpture 1515