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There has been requests over time for fireplace mantels that stand out and compliment 'folks' carefully chosen masonry in their homes; from the simplest fire place setting, whatever size, to the most elaborate.

What is appealing is something rich and natural that has substance and generates warmth.  These projects are always hands on, custom orders and require steps to achieve the desired result.  It's a process worthy of the finished product.

  • constructing mantel four
  • constructing mantel one
  • constructing mantel three
  • constructing mantel two
  • FireplaceMantel2
  • FireplaceMantelBestShow
  • WesternRedCedarCanoeMante
constructing mantel four1 constructing mantel one2 constructing mantel three3 constructing mantel two4 FireplaceMantel25 FireplaceMantelBestShow6 WesternRedCedarCanoeMante7